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Department of Astronomy and Center for Space Physics
Boston University, 725 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215
Work phone: (617) 353-6139 FAX: (617) 353-5704
e-mail: meerso@bu.edu

I am an Associate Professor in the Boston University Astronomy Department and a member of the Center for Space Physics.  I received my Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1995 for research on the nonlinear behavior of a specific type of wave found in the E-region of the ionosphere.  I also study plasma turbulence in the upper ionosphere, magnetosphere.   Lately, I have been performing research on meteors as they disintegrate in the ionosphere.    I use some of the world's largest supercomputers to simulate these phenomena.

Classes taught:     Principles of Astronomy (AS202)
                            The Solar System (AS 101),
                            Solar and Space Physics (AS 413)
                            Introduction to Plasma Physics (AS727)
                            Introduction to Space Physics (AS 703),

Some Research pages:

The Simulations and Theory Group in the Center for Space Physics

Meteor Radar Project
Professor Meers Oppenheim and his collaborators study the millions of small particles that rain down upon the Earth each day.  Large radars and wide-field cameras generate detailed measurements of some of these particles.   Their group builds physics based models and perform supercomputer simulations to understand these measurements.  The results of this work allow scientists to better characterize the particle environment of the solar system and the effects of particles on the atmosphere.

Animations of electron phase-space holes rolling around click here

Animations from simulations of the Farley-Buneman (modified two-stream) instability  click here.

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